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Daylight savings:

Many users are having problem with setting the daylights savings off. Hopefully, I will write an update that will fix this problem automatically. For the time being please follow the instructions below if have do not know how to turn daylight savings off.

Note: If you live in India, Pakistan or any other country where daylight savings is not observed, please ignore these settings.


  1. Start Islamic Diary 3.0
  2. On the menu click Tools/Location Editor. Follow window will open locedit.gif (23054 bytes)
  3. Select your city from the list and highlight it. Click on "Set As Default" button.
  4. Answer "No" to the following question if you will to turn Daylight savings off. questn.gif (10510 bytes) Note that daylight savings if OFF during winter months and is ON during summer.
  5. That's it. If the Azaan program is running, close it and restart.


Please contact me at if you have any further questions.