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Check Update:

Check update is a small FTP client that can be used to replace the any local file with an updated version of the same file that reside on a server.


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How to use it:

Before you can use CheckUpdate, you need to configure it to point to an FTP server.
chksetup.gif (15647 bytes)There are a few parameters that need to be specified. This is a one time setup only.

Host Name: IP address or host name of the server machine
Port: This is the TCP/IP port. Most likely you will not have to change this.
User Login: User Id for FTP connection.
Password: Password for FTP connection.
Initial Directory: This is the directory path relative to FTP root on the server.

CheckUpdate will only display and compare the files that are located in the directory specified by "Initial Directory".

Color Convention:

There are three color convention used in CheckUpdate:

Tools Used for Development:

CheckUpdate has been written in Inprise C++ Builder. All the libraries are staticly linked. Therefore, no additional file is required besides the executible.