cantfind.gif (1974 bytes)

indus32.dll not found:

This file is required by Islamic Diary 4.0. If the program complains that it can't find it then following could be possible:

  1. You have not downloaded the new idiary.exe or azaan.exe file in c:/islamic directory. Please copy this file where other files were previously installed. idiary.exe, azaan.exe and indus32.dll should all be in the same directory.
  2. If you have all the files in the same directory and when you click the icon from the program menu you get this message, then your working directory is probably not set. Try running the program from Explorer.
  3. If still it can't find the file then add a line in your "autoexec.bat" file. This file is located in the root of your C drive. The line should be put at the end of the file and should read: PATH=C:\ISLAMIC;%PATH% . This method won't work on Windows NT. I assume that if you are using NT, then you probably know how to set the path.
  4. There is one other solution but it is not recommended. Although you can try to test whether is works or not. Copy indus32.dll into your c:\windows\systems directory. The reason why I don't recommend this method is because if you get a new update of this file and copy the new file in a different directory

If you have any other question, please contact me at or better yet, call me at : (732)326-9017 after 6:00 PM EST.