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There is no installation routine for Enhanced ISQL/w. The downloadable zipped file contain only one executible. Even though there are no runtime file requirements for this program, it uses DB-Lib for C to connect to SQL Server. Therefore, you will need NTWDBLIB.DLL. This DLL could either be in some directory that is in the PATH or copy it in the same location where EISQLW.EXE is.


Enhanced ISQL/w offers every thing that MS ISQL/w has to offer; plus a few other features. These features include:

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Visual BCP:

Even though command line BCP is a very powerful utility,  it is much easier and convenient to import or export data using a visual tool that does not require the user to remember all the options.

BCP1.gif (35743 bytes) Visual BCP Wizard navigates the user from start to finish. It asks necessary questions that are required for data transfer.

There are three types of data format

  1. Native
  2. Character
  3. Custom

If the user selects custom, Visual BCP can either read the field definition from a file or if the file does not exist, it can be created.

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Database Catalog:

Enhance ISQL/w includes a very important feature that is missing in MS ISQL/w, database catalog viewing.

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