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If you live in a country where you cannot hear azaan from a mosque, Islamic Diary can recite it through your computer at its appropriate time.


  • Salaat Timings - Salaat timings are calculated for any location based on longitude and latitude of your city. Besides viewing and printing, you can also export the data to a text file and then use it in a spread sheet or word processor.
  • Hijri Calendar - Displays a perpetual calendar for both Hijri and Gregorian dates. You have the option of making either date as the primary date and view the other as a secondary. Both calendar have their own list of event that can be modified by the user
  • Azaan Recitation - Recitation of Azaan at its appropriate time. More than 100 locations are already added in the program with an option of adding more locations provided you know the longitude, latitude and the time zone.
  • Qibla Direction - Calculates the direction for Qibla with respect to the North pole
  • ToDo List - Create a to-do list based on Hijri dates
  • Events - Customized events, both Hijri and Gregorian, gets printed along with the calendar. These events can be update by the user.
  • Contacts - Included is a contact list where you can store important phone numbers and addresses. Birthdays and anniversaries can be recorded according to the Hijri calendar.

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